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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Jayawijaya Mountains, the Highest Mountain in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country known for having the most world's volcanoes. Jayawijaya Mountains is the name for the mountain range that stretched lengthwise in the center of the province of West Papua to Papua New Guinea Newguinea on. Rows of mountains that has some the highest peaks in Indonesia is formed by removal of the sea floor thousands of years ago. Although located at an altitude of 4800 meters and includes the highest mountain in Indonesia, fossilized sea shells, for example can be seen in limestone and clastic rocks contained in the Jayawijaya Mountains. Therefore, besides being a paradise of the climbers, Jayawijaya Mountains is also a paradise researchers geological world.

Besides known as Puncak Jaya, the highest peak is also known as Carstenz Pyramide, or the Carstensz Peak. The name was taken from an adventurer from the Netherlands, namely in January Carstensz, who first saw the snowy peaks in the tropics, specifically in New Guinea. The observation was made by Jan Crastensz through a ship in 1623. Since not be proved by direct observation, the report was considered absurd. Because, for Europeans, found the snowy mountains in the tropics is something that is impossible.

Truth Carstensz report revealed after nearly three hundred years later, when in 1899 a Dutch expedition to New Guinea make a map and find snow-covered mountain peaks as reported by Crastensz. In honor of Carstensz, the mountaintop is then named as the name implies. While the designation Jayawijaya Peak is pemeberian President Sukarno after successfully embrace the sovereignty of West Papua from the Netherlands. This name meaning "summit victory", as an expression of gratitude for the unification of West Papua with the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Jayawijaya Mountains is also the only mountain and mountain in Indonesia, which has a peak covered with eternal snow. Although not all peaks of the cluster Jayawijaya Mountains that has snow. Snow is owned by several peaks even at this time is lost due to climate change globally. Lots of things are very beautiful in Indonesia and this has made Indonesia a place of Heaven Tour.

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